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    Welcome To
    La Fiesta Dance Factory
    A Sydney Latin Dance and Fitness Studio in Sydney for all levels and ages
    76 Parramatta Rd Stanmore NSW
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    Special Offer
    From $30 for 6 week beginners courses in
    salsa, samba and more!
    Call 0424 969 048 or
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    Brazilian Afro
    ...and more!
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    La Fiesta Entertainment
    Our professional team are #1
    in Brazilian and Latin Entertainment!

Award Winning Experience

There are plenty of other dance instructors out there, so why would you want to choose LFDF? We offer so many options when it comes to dance classes. We not only provide group classes, but we also offer one on one lessons and couples classes.


We also have monthly workshops to help you improve your dance techniques. With our classes, you will find yourself in a non-intimidating setting that encourages you to learn and grow as a dancer. You will also be able to have a lot of fun and socialize with other people with similar interests as you learn dancing in Sydney.


We also focus on both technique and artistry, which is something that you won't find with many other dance instructors.


Patricia Falciola


Special Offer

We're running a series of courses from $30 / 6 week introductory courses for our most popular dance classes! There has never been a better time to get started on your dance journey.


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