La Fiesta Dance Factory® is Australia’s leading entertainment and dance company having been awarded No. 1 prize in Latin and Brazilian Entertainment in Australia.

Patricia, the company founder, has won a number of national and international awards including her prize as Australian Champion.

At La Fiesta Dance Factory®, we are committed to furthering the art of dancing and sharing the joy of dance with others.
If you are looking to learn to dance, we provide top-quality dance instruction in a relaxed atmosphere for every level of dancer.

We invite you to discover why La Fiesta Dance Factory® is the best dance studio in Sydney.
Dancing is a great way to have fun and meet new people, and whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, our professional dance instructors can help you fulfill your goals and take your dancing skills to the next level.

Meet the team

Patricia Falciola

Patricia has built a national and internationally respected career in over a decade of competing and teaching, winning prizes of: Australian Champion in Salsa and taking first and second places in New York Salsa scene.

Patricia is one of the most recognised Brazilian dancers, choreographer, teacher, creative director and performer in the scene.

She is an official passista (Rio de Janeiro accredited samba dancer).She has been inspired by the vibrant, exotic Brazilian culture, from the highest glamour performances of carnaval to the most popular dances from the Favelas.

Her love for Samba has taken her annually for long periods to Rio and Bahia (Brazil) where she has trained with renowned teachers and professional dancers.

As an international artist, she has danced at Carnaval, working and training with the best.

Alex Ocampo León

Alex started his professional dancing career in Medellín, Colombia in “El balcón de los artistas” dance company 20 years ago, where he mastered the styles of tango, milonga, fox-trop, pasodoble and Salsa.
Later on he moved to Spain where he specialised in various styles of Salsa (LA, mambo NY style, cuban and Puertorrican).

Bibi Forero

Bibi’s dancing career first begun 14 years ago when she started formal training in her native country Colombia

She has been part of various dance groups across many different types of dancing.

Her dancing skills awarded her the opportunity to represent Colombia at the international dancing festival in Chile.