Cha Cha Cha Ashfield

← Back to timetable The cha-cha-cha, is a dance of Cuban origin. It is danced to the music of the same name introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin in the early 1950s. This rhythm was developed from the danzón-mambo.  

Stretch Class Ashfield

← Back to timetable Stretching classes are designed to move and stretch the entire body whilst giving the core a really good workout. Classes are stimulating, light hearted and choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy.  

Brazilian Funk

← Back to timetable Brazilian Funk is a hip hop style from Rio de Janeiro, derived from Miami bass and gangsta rap music. “Baile funk”, in Brazil, refers not to the music, but to the actual parties or discotheques in which the music is played (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbaj.lɯ], from baile, meaning “dance [event]”). Although originated […]

Saturday Classes

← Back to timetable Please note that in order to attend Saturday classes, a card must collected from the Studio in person. Online payments are not available for this classes. EFTPOS facilities are available on site. Pricing: 10 classes at $20 each and 11th class $5  

Rumba Ashfield

← Back to timetable The term rumba may refer to a variety of unrelated music styles. Originally, “rumba” was used as a synonym for “party” in northern Cuba, and by the late 19th century it was used to denote the complex of secular music styles known as Cuban rumba.  

Reggaeton Ashfield

<a class=”tt_event_url” href=””>← Back to timetable</a> <p class=”tt_event_margin_top_13″>Often mistaken for reggae or reggae en Español, reggaeton is a younger genre which originated in the clubs of San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1991. It became known as “underground” music, due to its circulation through informal networks and performances at unofficial venues. DJ Playero and DJ Nelson […]

Capoeira Ashfield

← Back to timetable A Brazilian martial art which will get you toned and super fit. It combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, developed in Brazil mainly by West African descendants with native Brazilian influences. It is known for quick, complex moves, using power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, […]

Zumba Ashfield

← Back to timetable ZUMBA is choreographed with intervals of intensity, body movements and music. Fun and easy-to-follow classes to get your body moving, burn fat and invigorate your energy levels. These are easy routines, more like a fun night out than a workout class. Our ZUMBA classes integrate fast and slow rhythms that have […]